Myanmar's Anti-Corruption Chief U Aung Kyi has declared war on bribery and corruption, describing corruption as common enemy, the official Global New Light of Myanmar reported Tuesday.

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U Aung Kyi, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission

A two-year plan is being formulated to systematically rid the country of bribery, immorality and malpractice, U Aung Kyi, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, pledged at a ceremony in Yangon on Monday.

The anti-corruption war, which needs an all-inclusive approach with long-term plans, will start with educational efforts to change the attitude towards bribery and malpractice, especially among young people, he said, adding that to detest and reject corruption and eliminate it from society is one of the goals of the plan.

He stressed closer scrutiny and action on complaint letters within rules and regulations.

The anti-corruption commission has drawn up a strategic work plan for 2018 to fight corruption.

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