Despite the clear danger that passwords pose to organizations, more than half of IT executives in a recent survey said they rely solely on employees to monitor their own password behavior.

Posted on InfoSecurity | By Tara Seals

Despite this, employees are struggling with the task: The survey from LastPass and Ovum, which queried a few hundred IT executives and corporate employees in EMEA, revealed that 76% of employees regularly have problems with password usage or management,and nearly a third of users need help desk support at least once every month.

This onus on personal responsibility translates into companies wrestling with a lack of visibility and control. Yet the majority are not doing enough, if anything at all, to address the situation.

For instance, in terms of what organizations are doing to enforce strong passwords, 62% of IT executives rely exclusively on employee education. Employees are essentially on their own, with no technology in place to enforce any password strength requirement.

62% of IT executives rely exclusively on employee education

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