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Climate and weather disasters cost U.S. a record $306 billion in 2017

Hurricane Harvey's extreme rainfall and devastating wildfire contributed to $306 billion damages in 2017, shattering previous record by more than $90 billion!

A series of devastating hurricanes, wildfires and other extreme weather marked the third-warmest year on record in the contiguous United States.

Posted on Inside Climate News | By Nicholas Kusnetz

Hurricane Harvey’s extreme rainfall and the most devastating wildfire season on record contributed to $306 billion in damages from climate and weather disasters in the United States in 2017, shattering the previous record by more than $90 billion, according to a federal report released Monday.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s recap of the nation’s climate over the past year found that 2017 was the third-warmest on record. What’s more, it was warmer than average in every state across the lower 48 and Alaska for the third consecutive year. (Hawaii is excluded because of a lack of historical data and other factors.)

“That’s pretty unusual,” said Jake Crouch, a climate scientist at NOAA and the lead author of the report.

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