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Personal Trainer – Resilience Required

Not everyone is perfectly shaped, fit, healthy and capable, but importantly, everyone deserves a chance to be better. A text by Paul Kudray.

Let me start by wishing you an amazing 2018! Hope you have a spectacular adventure.

Over the last year, I took on a major new challenge and qualified as a Personal Trainer. Yes indeed, a fairly average, fat boy (34 regular), took on a different capability and I found that my previous skills and experiences, of coaching and mentoring; business and personal resilience, and even anatomy and physiology, all helped me pass my Level 3 qualification.

I am now at an age and period of my life, where I swore I would never take on another exam! There comes a point in your life, when you would rather live ‘your life’ than sit in front of the computer and manuals, all alone and away from everyone, ‘revising’. Besides, it becomes so, so much harder to concentrate, when you just want to listen to music, go shopping or even do the ironing!


Paul suggests listening to this song to accompany reading this post!

Intuition, Listening and Leadership

Something inside me, my intuition and interests, along with some great words of encouragement from people who believed in me, made me decide to take on more study and become a Personal Trainer (PT). Why not I thought? I can do that. I am exceptional (I’m confident with it) at helping others to develop. I have done this all my life.

I am a motivator. A ‘leader’. I see the great potential in others and enjoy helping them become better at being themselves. I am a resilient person first and a resilient professional second.

A good coach can change you, but
a great coach can change your life

Health and Wellbeing: Resilience Required

We hear so many resolutions at this time of year; the desire to ‘be healthier’, ‘be good’, ‘achieve this and don’t do that’. The peer pressure often collides with our own personal needs and desires to make a new start; begin as we mean to go on.

But in reality, it is generally a temporary thing. There is nothing wrong with this, in my opinion as everyone is perfectly entitled to want a bit of improvement. It is good for both mind and the body.

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But in health and fitness, there remains a key element in that the ‘client’ needs to own their own goals if they really are to adhere to them. There is the essential element that goals and objectives need to be SMART of course.

However the ‘client’ fundamentally must own the direction they want to travel in. Understand the journey; resonate with the language.

See the support but also accept it is they who really need to do the hard, painful, tiring stuff. It must be something they see and can do.

They must be resilient to see and
feel the change for good

Feel the Burn

We are all personal trainers of some sort; we support and motivate ourselves (and others) to go and do things. We can even visualise how we see things in the future and we try to work towards it. We do that without a ‘text’ book open as we progress through the ‘exams of life’.

We feel the heat and the burning sensations from time to time, but we hopefully feel the euphoria of success and contentment. We are resilient.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

If you are a member of a gym, you will be familiar with (well, hopefully anyway) the PAR-Q process you must fill out prior to any exercise activity. It is a small, simple health screening format to determine if you have any illness or injury to prevent you from safely taking part in your exercise programme.

At the end of the day, exercise programmes must be safe and effective if they are to work.

Business Resilience and the Personal Trainer Similarities

My experiences of both business resilience and the newly acquired skills of being a PT, made me realise that like a great deal of completely different topics, there will always be some familiar faces. Before we make a conscious decision to want to change our lifestyle, we need to feel the need, see it and believe we can do it.

The client/PT relationship of course, will remain a critical part of the success and should never be seen as just a transaction. Unfortunately I think this does happen (my opinion) from time to time. But if the client is happy, the training safe and effective and results can be seen, then who are we to question?

Business leaders, of all shapes and sizes; the fit ones and those that need a ‘bit more’ additional support to become fitter and healthier, will require the essential ingredient of resilience to make it happen.

Not everyone is perfectly shaped, fit, healthy and capable, but importantly, everyone deserves a chance to be better.

We just need to see the potential and help ourselves to achieve it with the right coaching, guidance, empathy and ‘push’ in the right direction. I believe you can do it!

Paul Kudray

A truly down to earth, grounded individual who is a resilience professional. Helping people and organizations to build and maintain their capabilities to respond to and recover from, crisis, emergencies or disasters. Paul is the ‘resilience maverick’ because he is not like the average resilience professional. Paul wants to help everyone be a bit more resilient because they can!

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