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Update security on devices to beat the Christmas hackers

This Christmas Eve, remember that not only do the best gift-givers think of the batteries, but they also perform the software updates!

It’s the season to get lots of new gadgets, whether it’s that new Star Wars Battle Drone, Google Home, a new baby monitor, or, if you were really good this year, a new laptop.

Posted on The Herald Sun
By Alice Clarke

The thing is, though, that once we have all them, the temptation is to set them up as quickly as possible so we can start enjoying them immediately.

The problem with that is that we’re forgetting these devices are easily hackable and that some people are Grinches who want to steal your credit card and other personal details.

But there are some easy steps to make sure you stay safe while hitting the Boxing Day sales online and asking your smart assistant what an aardvark sounds like.

The No.1 thing is to change your Wi-Fi password. If your router is still set on the default settings you received it with, change them right now and then preferably keep changing them every three to six months.

According to a recent survey funded by McAfee, only 30% of people think their secondary and tertiary devices need securing, and only 37% do the software updates.

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