We asked our contributors what they see for resilience in 2018

Check out a recap of our ''Resilience in 2018'' series! Denis Goulet, Paul Kudray, Phil Gurski, Betty Kildow and Suzana Popovska share their vision for 2018.
We asked our contributors what they see for resilience in 2018. See below a recap of their visions. Click to read complete articles.Please share your own vision in the comment section below.

Denis Goulet

I firmly believe Resilience must equally cover organisational, community and personal aspects. These 3 “pillars” are so interrelated that one cannot even exist without the other two. Resilience can succeed only if all parts of the scope are covered. Read more

Paul Kudray

Wouldn’t it just be so amazing if we could all be resilience experts?

It’s not as outrageous as it sounds and it’s most definitely not, as difficult to achieve as people may think. We owe it to ourselves and the generations to come. Read more

Suzana Popovska

When we are talking about Resilience, whether personal, organizational or community, we should always have in mind different treats like financial, organizational, natural disasters and many more that we can think of. Read more

Betty A. Kildow

I believe that 2018 will see the use of “resilience” continuing to grow in presentations, marketing material, and all written forms across a wide range of disciplines, though the increased usage of the word does not yet guarantee a universally shared definition or application. Read more

Phil Gurski

2018 will undoubtedly see a continuation of the scourge of terrorist attacks we have been witnessing for the better part of two decades. In addition to the usual plots by Islamist extremists we could see an increase in plots by far right, and perhaps even far left, groups and individuals. Read more

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