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Resilience in 2018 – Paul Kudray

We asked our contributors what they see for resilience in 2018. See Paul Kudray's vision!
We asked our contributors what they see for resilience in 2018:

What my instincts tell me about the 2018 opportunity in front of us…

Wouldn’t it just be so amazing, if we could all be resilience experts?
It’s not as outrageous as it sounds and it’s most definitely not, as difficult to achieve as people may think. The benefits to you, your family and the world will be immense. We can allow the blockers to block, the doubters to doubt or we can simply make it happen.
We owe it to ourselves and the generations to come.

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Paul Kudray

A truly down to earth, grounded individual who is a resilience professional. Helping people and organizations to build and maintain their capabilities to respond to and recover from, crisis, emergencies or disasters. Paul is the ‘resilience maverick’ because he is not like the average resilience professional. Paul wants to help everyone be a bit more resilient because they can!

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