Resilience in 2018 – Phil Gurski

We asked our contributors what they see for resilience in 2018. See Phil Gurski's vision!

We asked our contributors what they see for resilience in 2018:

2018 will undoubtedly see a continuation of the scourge of terrorist attacks we have been witnessing for the better part of two decades.

In addition to the usual plots by Islamist extremists we could see an increase in plots by far right, and perhaps even far left, groups and individuals.
Our security services and law enforcement agencies will be hard pressed to keep up with the workload. Yet, societies need to see these events as part of the new normal and not exaggerate them into existential threats (they most certainly are not!). Citizens do need to take certain precautions (especially when it comes to travel abroad) but still live their lives – go to concerts, go out to dinner, enjoy life.
We cannot allow the infrequent, albeit serious, terrorist threat to change who and what we are. For me, that is what resilience is all about.

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Phil Gurski

President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting. Phil worked as a strategic analyst in the Canadian intelligence community for over 30 years, including 15 at CSIS, with assignments at Public Safety Canada and the Ontario Provincial Police. He specializes in radicalization and homegrown Al Qaeda/Islamic State/Islamist-inspired extremism.

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  1. I really like the reality check of this comment. Of course there are things we cannot prevent or sometimes anticipate, living life to the full, but having a good grasp of personal resilience and risk, and mitigating where possible is critical. Wise words.

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