What are your major challenges in maintaining a solid food safety culture?

The series on food safety culture along the food supply chain now focuses on food retailers. Previously examined was the creation of a culture of food safety in the primary production, distribution, processing and foodservice sectors of the global food supply chain.

Food Safety Magazine invited industry leaders in food retail to help elucidate the challenges around creating a culture of food safety.
The panelists are Ray Bowe, head of food safety and quality, Musgrave, Ireland, Katherine Di Tommaso, director, food safety, Walmart Canada Corp., Canada, Gillian Kelleher, vice president of food safety and quality assurance, Wegmans Food Markets, U.S., and Nicola Sharman, senior hygiene technologist, Marks & Spencer, UK. Their comments are provided below in random order.

How do you define food safety culture in your (or any) organization, and do you think these definitions differ between management and line workers?

Read entire article The Supply Chain and Food Safety Culture: Retail | Food Safety Magazine

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