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Top 10 articles for 2017

Here is the countdown of our top 10 most popular articles for 2017. Stay tuned for more in 2018!

One year already!

We launched The Resilience Post early 2017. One year later, The Resilience Post has more than 650 publications, 9 guest authors and a YouTube channel. We strive to be your daily source for resilience information. Thank you for jumping in the adventure with us!

Here is the countdown of our top 10 most popular articles for 2017. Stay tuned for more in 2018!

Quebec winter storm ‘shambles’ prompts government investigation

The lack of response left hundreds stranded on a snowy Montreal highway.

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5 IT lessons to learn from ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

Rogue One isn’t just a Star Wars story. It’s an Information Security story.

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Belgium fights for its fries…

Belgium put up a fight after the EU considered its culinary tradition of double-fried fries unsafe.

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Canadian security agency will soon be able to launch cyber attacks

Anti-terror laws would allow tthe launch of cyber attacks against terrorist groups and other governments

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Is Winterfell a resilient castle?

While in the midst of preparations for an upcoming disaster at Winterfell, Sansa Stark displays true Chief Resilience Officer capabilities.

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Emergency Management in a Rules-Based Culture

As someone who dreads the increasingly nightmarish process of boarding an airplane, I viewed the media coverage…

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BCM Policy: the King Kong and Skull Island of Continuity

Ships Log: Monday – An ancient, lever-arched folder has been discovered in the arms of a body which has been drifting in a life boat for weeks out on the ocean…

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GDPR: A quick start guide

A look at how organisations can prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation.

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How South Park season premiere messed with viewers’ Amazon Alexas and Google Homes

How an episode resulted in viewers’ devices being triggered by the show!

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Please stop charging your phone in public ports

Connecting your phone to an unknown port has its risks.

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