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Don’t let your Supply Chain be like the Death Star

While your supply chain may seem as large and complex as a super weapon the size of a celestial body, you don’t want it brought down by one small oversight.

It seems now that I’ve found a correlation between Star Wars and Supply Chain, I just can’t stop myself from writing another blog on the topic.

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By Alexa Cheater
My earlier post, May the Force Be With Your Supply Chain, explored how you can use the force (aka attunement to market fluctuations) to realize value by developing a demand-driven supply chain. In this blog, I’m going to cover another topic – why under no circumstances should you let your supply chain be like the Death Star.

That’s no moon, it’s your supply chain! While your supply chain may at times seem as large and complex as a super weapon the size of a celestial body, the one thing you don’t want them to have in common is the propensity to be brought down by one small oversight.
In the case of the original Death Star, that oversight was failing to see the risk a single X-Wing fighter could pose to their thermal exhaust shaft. Luke Skywalker was able to destroy the entire space station with a pair of well-placed proton torpedoes. While that threat likely isn’t going to strike your supply chain, what does pose a very real risk is the failure to see potential areas of weakness.
In other words, not having end-to-end supply chain visibility. If you can’t see all the way up or down your supply chain, how can you possibly spot those X-Wing fighters taking aim at your operations? To avoid total annihilation, or in your supply chain’s case, an unanticipated disruption, ensure you have an appropriate plan of attack, including implementing tools that give you the best chance at success.

Don’t wait for Rebel forces to take down your supply chain. Develop a solid risk management plan before catastrophe strikes!

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