The insurance industry pays out almost £13 million every day for homes and businesses which have suffered damage and loss, but it also contributes to efforts to reduce the chances of customers having to claim in the first place.

Here are ABI's top ten priorities for reducing the risks posed by flooding and fire.

On flooding...

Protect communities by spending more on building and maintaining flood defences.

In 2015, the Government committed to £2.3 billion of investment in flood defences over a six year period. However spending on equally crucial flood defence maintenance fell by around 40% between 2010-11 and 2014-15. There needs to be a long-term Government commitment to increase both areas of funding to protect communities from the growing threat of flooding.

Protect homes and businesses by increasing the use of flood resilience measures within properties.

Flood defences cannot protect every single property from flooding; individual property owners also need to do more to make their homes and businesses more flood resilient, and understand the benefits of being able to get their lives back to normal quicker next time it floods. This can involve using products to help keep water out of a building, or using materials which allow a property to be easily restored after a flood. Grants to support the installation of these measures and work on certifying products and those who install them need to continue.

Read ABI's top ten priorities for reducing the risks posed by flooding and fire.

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