New Tesla electric truck: Game changer, or not real?

Elon Musk reveals Tesla's electric semitruck. Is Tesla betting it can rapidly change current battery equation by 2019?

Is Tesla betting it can rapidly change current battery equation by 2019?

Tesla released its design for a new all-electric last week in an airport hangar in Hawthorne, CA in a spectacle orchestrated by company founder Elon Musk.
The big news for the Tesla Semi is the promised range for the new class 8 tractors. The company said the standard version – with a price of $150,000 – will have a range of 300 miles from a full battery charge. An enhanced version with a price tag of $180,000 will get 500 miles from a charge. However, it should be noted that Tesla is calling those figures “expected base prices,” so they could change.
Just as importantly, the company is promising a network of superfast solar-powered charging stations across the US that it says will be able to charge the larger battery model to 80% capacity to support a 400-mile range in just 30 minutes.

On a follow up podcast, Tesla offered its view of the likely economics of its new truck, for which it is now taking orders for claimed delivery in 2019. “If a trucker travels 90,000 miles a year – let’s say the cost of fuel for a diesel truck is $2.70 a gallon. And let’s say that’s 35 cents per mile. If you think about that, for fuel alone, that’s $31,000 to $32,000 that that trucker is spending,” a Tesla spokesperson said.

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Is Tesla Betting It Can Rapidly Change Current Battery Equation by 2019? | Green Supply Chain

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