Tech titans have caught utopia fever. Here’s a breakdown of who’s doing what!

Maybe it’s the sudden flurry of flying car proposals or the hype over hyperloop, but it seems like tech companies are finally ready to build the cities of the future we’ve been obsessing about in films for years.

Smart city technology, a combination of Internet of Things connectivity and massive technological integration at the metro level, has long been a buzzy phrase for planners and designers looking to make cities smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable.

And cities have bought in: By 2020, the market for this new urban technology is expected to reach $34.4 billion annually, according to the Consumer Technology Association.

But what about the truly mad scientists, the ones who want to start from scratch and reach for utopia? Lately, it seems many tech leaders have decided to take the challenge, offering their visions (or at least allocating funding) to see if they can realize these new visions of urban living.

Here are some of the most high-profile—and fantastical—examples of high-tech cities currently in some stage of planning or development.

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