Responsible brand stewardship and the many ways it can be impacted positively and negatively are top of mind for C-levels in organizations of all sizes, vertical markets and locations.

Its criticality, in fact, becomes acute when bad things happen and become public knowledge. Bad news tends to go viral fast, and the consequences of not handling it in the best way possible can be swift and catastrophic.

What has surprised our agency is the preponderance of organizations that lack preparedness for managing a crisis that goes public. The reality is that learning as you go is fraught with peril.

Plus, obtaining the services of public relations crisis management experts once the animals have escaped the barn is no substitute for being prepared by having a plan in place that can be forcefully and effectively executed whatever comes your way.

This is where public relations crisis management professional assistance is invaluable, before and after an incident.

What follows are some guidelines to consider when evaluating if you and your public relations capabilities are ready for anything.

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