Trending this week – Black Friday, Data Protection Officer and ISO 30500 sewage solution

Black Friday, Data Protection Officer and ISO 30500 sewage solution… See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are peak days for financial phishing attacks

Shops are preparing for the largest revenue stream of the year. Unfortunately, so are cybercriminals.

ISO 30500 to boost global health in places without sewers

In many places around the world, rural and urban populations have to use toilets that aren’t connected to mains sewers. ISO 30500 aims to help!

Is your organization’s Data Protection Officer ready for GDPR?

One GDPR major requirement is the mandatory appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Jump on our CDPO training and certification opportunities!

The reasons you can’t be anonymous anymore

Why people tend to think of cyberspace as some kind of imaginary space without true boundaries, a space not to be taken too seriously.

Pittsburgh’s Resilience Journey

Pittsburgh’s Chief Resilience Officer explains how the city has emerged as an active hub for technology, education, healthcare and finance.

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