Black Friday and Cyber Monday are peak days for financial phishing attacks

Shops are preparing for the largest revenue stream of the year. Unfortunately, so are cybercriminals.

Annual sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer incredible savings opportunities for consumers, but according to Kaspersky Lab these are also peak days for financial phishing attacks.

Kaspersky Lab’s annual review of phishing attacks during the holiday sales season found that consumers are significantly safer on Gray Saturday, when the number of such attacks can decrease by as much as 33%, despite it being a top shopping day.

With US consumers expected to spend an average of $967.13 during the holiday season this year, cyber-criminals will be looking for ways to divert some of that money into their own wallets. Impersonating a retail brand through phishing attacks is one way that cyber-criminals can effectively target consumers during the holiday shopping season.
Traditionally distributed by email, phishing attacks can also lure consumers through web links, ad banners, social media and more.
These attacks aim to persuade people to provide their personal financial data, such as bank account information, credit card details or account passwords, under the assumption that they are dealing with the actual, reputable brand.

According to Kaspersky Lab, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are peak days for financial phishing attacks.

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