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How to be resilient in business today

3 simple things we must do to be resilient in business today. A text by Paul Kudray.

Your free password to continued business success BEFORE a crisis is…

These are the 3 simple things we must do to be resilient in business today:

  1. Simply believe something could happen and go wrong
  2. Simply do something before it happens – have a simple plan, it’s all you need
  3. Simply train and exercise yourself, your team and the simple plan to keep it alive

Entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, business banks, insurance providers and the resilience profession; we can all make an instantly successful impact on businesses today.

Today’s world is exciting, but it is a tough place; tough to set up and keep a business idea and venture trading. Things can and will go wrong. Just look around.

Some businesses are here today
and gone tomorrow

Entrepreneurs want to be successful; they have fantastic ideas, leadership and ambition. We need them in the world today; but they can also be our competitors. Competitors don’t care if we fail and go out of business when something went wrong. Competitors want us to fail. #toughlove

If we start thinking and accepting that having business resilience is a real marketable asset, then we can enjoy business growth and success together.

Staying in business during
adversity will help you succeed

It’s not just about what our profit forecast will be when we set up our business; it’s about how we will simply keep our business going when something bad happens to all of our competitors.

We need to build business resilience planning into our business case and organisational culture from the very start.

Make resilience a due diligence
test – a quality – a capability

We can be resilient or do we just want to take a risk and throw it all away when the next big flood or fire comes along? It’s our call. Intuition tells me that we would much rather be resilient and prepared.

Insurance providers in the future should hopefully reward forward thinking resilient businesses for being prepared because financially it will save more time and money when something bad happens. Or they should simply stop complaining about the cost of disasters when the stuff hits the fan!

We need to be part of the resilient future by having some simple resilience; making resilience simple where we can for businesses to understand and achieve.

Business resilience does not have to be complicated; because it’s not

Business resilience today simply means
you can continue to trade during adversity

At some stage in business, something is going to go wrong. History and the news headlines we read today will back that up! It doesn’t matter if we are a small, medium or large business; no one is immune from the risk of something potentially going wrong.

Yes, some organisations can be better prepared for it; manage their risks exceptionally well. Others will take risks and take a gamble. Sometimes because resilience seems too out of reach.

Empathy for the business entrepreneurs of this world – we want our business to succeed.

It’s not easy to hustle and compete and win contracts or clients. Yes, it’s much easier for the established organisations who have already succeeded. But their success did not come overnight.

That does not happen. It’s not luck; its hard work that brings the success. Well ok, perhaps a tiny amount of the right place and the right time; but we can create our own ‘luck’ by being prepared.

There is so many other things going on in the entrepreneur’s mind that chances are, business continuity management (BCM) or resilience, whatever we want to call it, is just not on the radar of things to do.

Why? Because instinct suggest it’s
just not a sexy thing to think of

Business is about making money and there is nothing dirty about that. But continuing to make money and trading during adversity is essential if we want to be a success. To continue being a success, that is. It’s our call.

Your business may be a well-established one with great customers and clients or it could be start-up. Whichever it is, our leadership vision does not always need to over complicate business resilience thinking. Quite often, it’s just a simple plan you need to succeed.

Too often business resilience sounds like we have to scale the un-scaleable mountain; but it’s not the case. Too often business resilience sounds way too corporate for some businesses and its complex; but it’s not.

If we just have a simple, thought through plan of action, for when something goes wrong, our leadership and business resilience will help us to continue to succeed as competitors fall over.

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Paul Kudray

A truly down to earth, grounded individual who is a resilience professional. Helping people and organizations to build and maintain their capabilities to respond to and recover from, crisis, emergencies or disasters. Paul is the ‘resilience maverick’ because he is not like the average resilience professional. Paul wants to help everyone be a bit more resilient because they can!

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