Trending topics this week – Star Trek, Disaster Recovery Robots and Halloween

Star Trek, Disaster Recovery Robots and Halloween… See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

The complexity map of the human DNA. Is it possible?

Jacek Marczyk investigates the possibility of synthesizing the first Complexity Map of the human DNA.

Why ‘lone wolves’ aren’t really alone

What is the ‘lone wolf’ designation based on? Is there any immediately available information that supports the label?


6 scary news for Halloween!

A selection of news, stories and videos for this Halloween day!

World’s most resilient creatures – the Tardigrade

Though Tardigrades can become enormous on Star Trek Discovery, it’s highly unlikely real-life science will ever cause them to get that big.

A look at Honda’s E2-DR disaster response robot

Could disaster response teams of the future be made up of an army of cheery orange robots?

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