Month: November 2017

Holiday Season breaches not as prevalent as you might think

Retail and hospitality both show a slight decline in cyber security events during the Holiday Season.

How to protect your LinkedIn account from hackers

Alexander Sverdlov, cyber security expert, shares tips and best practices to ensure your LinkedIn account is protected from hackers.

6 Smart Cities ideas from the tech industry

Tech titans have caught utopia fever. Here’s a breakdown of who’s doing what!

Here we go again: mental health and terrorism

Why violent extremists are no more likely to have mental illness than the average population. A text by Phil Gurski.

Gravity, Time and Complexity

A new theory proposed to explain why time evolves only in one direction is analyzed by Jacek Marczyk.

What is a Data Protection Officer (DPO)? Learn about this new role required for GDPR compliance

Data Protection Officers are responsible for overseeing data protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements. Find out more!

I don’t care what it means; I just survive

Paul Kudray shares wise words about resilience he received from an homeless man.

Public Relations Crisis Management: Are you prepared?

Bad news tends to go viral fast, and the consequences of not handling it in the best way possible can be swift and catastrophic!

New draft of ISO 50001 Energy Management standard

Organizations are able to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance thanks to ISO 50001.

There’s a problem with the way we define inequality

We are failing to look at inequality in the right way, according to researchers who study people’s attitudes to wealth disparity.

How automation will affect you – the experts’ view

More companies are turning to smart machines to save money on slow, expensive human employees. Here’s what automation means for your job.

Is your Supply Chain ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

What indicators should Supply Chain managers be looking out on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday?