Trending topics this week – Ryanair, Bloody Sunday and fake apps

Pizza breach, Puerto Rico street music and deradicalization… See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

Who cleans up after hurricanes, earthquakes and war?

Who clears up the wreckage of natural and man-made catastrophes and where does it go?

How one boy became a terrorist

This, dear readers, is how terrorism happens! At least in the case of one young boy in Ireland in the 1970s. A text by Phil Gurski.

Beware! Fake trading Apps harvest credentials and steal cash

Cryptocurrency trading app tricks victims into making their Gmail accounts accessible and steals Poloniex login credentials.

Ryanair, a fragile complex giant

Jacek Marczyk explains why ”Too Big To Fail” no longer works. Today it is ”Too Complex to Survive”.

Amazon Key is a new service that lets couriers unlock your front door!

The natural evolution of supply chain, or a step too far? Would you use this kind of service?

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