Trending topics this week – Last tech Jedi, Economic resilience and Hurricanes relief

Last tech Jedi, Economic resilience and Hurricanes relief… See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

How to be a tech security Jedi: 5 lessons from the original Star Wars movies

There are tons of subtle parallels between Information Security and the original Star Wars movies.

Why is Resilience (in economics) such a difficult concept to grasp?

Jacek Marczyk explains why high resilience capacity doesn’t necessarily mean high performance.


List of data breaches and cyber attacks in September 2017 – 174 million records leaked

The cyber security news has been dominated by just one story all month: Equifax, which suffered one of the largest reported corporate data breaches in history.


When do we call an act of mass violence terrorism?

Why Phil Gurski was taken to task for calling what transpired in Edmonton an act of terrorism while not doing the same with the shooting at a Quebec City mosque.

How to set up a community response network for the next hurricanes

Lessons learned from many hurricanes in many countries about designing, deploying and managing a resilient community-based response networks.

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