Trending topics this week – Refugees, tourism and Mars!

Refugees, tourism and Mars! See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

Missing persons and refugees – a new target for standardization?

In 2016, over 65.6 million people worldwide were uprooted from their homes by war and persecution. ISO Standards help develop solutions for humanitarian work.

NASA’s Mars research crew emerges after 8 months of isolation in Hawaii

Space psychology subjects ending 8 months of isolation from Mars-like Hawaiian landscape. Would you have done it?

ISO – Pushing the tourism limits!

Tourism is one of the fastest developing sectors, with increasing growth for the coming years. How can International Standards contribute to this development?

Why do we have anti-terrorism laws if we are not going to use them?

Why have we made it illegal to join a terrorist group, then not bother to apply the law when it is obvious that someone has done so? By Phil Gurski

Who rates ratings?

Failure is often not contemplated in a model. No model-building laws forces one to do so. See how this problem lead to catastrophes! By Jacek Marczyk

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