Trending topics this week – Malware, disasters and maths!

Malware, disasters and maths! See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

If you have these apps, delete them immediately!

Tech experts sound the alarm over the ExpensiveWall smartphone malware which drained 4 million victim’s bank accounts.

Motivated or CBA?

Sometimes we set off with great intention and purpose, only to find them ‘deflated’ by the actions (or lack of) of others, such as leaders and teams! By Paul Kudray

Major environmental disasters: August 2017

Hurricane Harvey is likely to be one of the costliest natural disasters in the USA. See the list of major environmental disasters in August 2017.

Why we will never ‘eradicate’ terrorism

The vast difference between eradicating a disease and eradicating terrorism. A text by Phil Gurski.

In math we trust. That is precisely the problem.

How resilient is your business? Can you afford not to know? A text by Jacek Marczyk

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