Trending topics this week – Swords, jeans and live shows!

Swords, jeans and live shows. See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

The cutting edge of terrorism

When we think about terrorism and terrorists, we go immediately to explosives, suicide vests and firearms. But what about SWORDS? By Phil Gurski.

New training available! Certified Data Protection Officer

We are now offering the Certified Data Protection Officer training. Make sure your organization is ready and compliant for GDPR on May 2018!

Systemic Resilience Analysis: Supercomputers provide new tools for regulators, investors and governments

Discover Quantitative Complexity Theory, a different kind of approach and a new set of analytical tools to address modern day challenges. By Jacek Marczyk.

Emergency Exercises or just theatre?

Actors can’t perform the simplest play without rehearsal. Should we think of emergency exercises in the same way? An eye opening comparison by Jerry Allen.

Smart Casual: a resilient nightmare?

Team bonding over a hot and cold buffet can be an amazing experience, as long as you didn’t get any sweet chili sauce over your new top! By Paul Kudray.

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