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Why personal cyber security should be important to you

Did you know that more than $6 trillion is lost every year in the world as a result of cyber attacks?

In the last years, cyber attacks have caused a wide range of damage to organisations across the globe. While companies continue to invest heavily in cybersecurity, the attackers have now diverted their attention to target individuals, to extract information that can be used to extort their financial gain.

For instance, we can take an example of the WannaCry attack that was launched in the world. This was, by far, one of the largest ransom virus (it attacked more than 300,000 computers in the world). The attackers wanted the owners of the computers to pay a certain amount of money to be granted access to their data and information. While many companies had backup information, the implication cost of this attack was immense for the operation of these companies.

When you ask yourself why personal cyber security is important, you could take an example of what companies do. Companies spend a tremendous amount of money protecting their information from external attacks. This amount of money in their budget implies that information is a necessity. The number of cyber security attacks is on the rise as time progresses forward.

More than $6 trillion is lost every year in the world as a result of these attacks. This includes everything from destruction and damage of data, lost productivity, stolen money, theft of financial and personal data, theft of intellectual property, post-attack business disruption, fraud, embezzlement, and forensic investigations. The list is endless!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Rubica is a digital rights company that was founded to protect individual’s rights. It works to reduce cyber-crime ultimately. Rubica is a solution that has enough power and technology to protect an international organization from external attacks. Therefore, why not let the companies protect your best interests at heart? Rubica was designed to provide enough privacy and security for their clients, business networks and family.

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