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Barcelona fits a pattern – there is no pattern

Does the Barcelona and Charlottesville recent vehicular terrorist attacks fit a pattern? Spoiler alert, there never is and never will be a ‘pattern.’

Resilience Thinking: Rhetoric and Reality

See how cities can and should build resilience thinking into infrastructure projects and what are the usual obstacles.

A Game of Continuity: how we can play and win in 2017

Whatever work you do, it is often referred to as ‘the game‘. You learn to ‘play the game’; and ‘be in the game’. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes you draw.

Pipeline payday: how builders win big, whether more gas is needed

Close corporate relationships between pipeline builders and gas buyers are allowing companies to reap higher profits while locking in emissions for years to come.

Security practitioners overwhelmed by the tenacity of digital threats

Many enterprise security practitioners are overwhelmed by the scale of external threats - and they lack confidence in their processes, systems and tools!

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