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An update on Google’s fight to keep terror content off of YouTube

Yesterday, Google updated us on its fight to remove terrorism related content from YouTube.

In the recent update on it’s official blog, YouTube described the video platform’s new steps to ensure better regulation of content that they deem hateful or related to terrorism and radical fringe ideologies.

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Videos of such a nature could include a number of elements, from extremist ideas, supremacist ideas, to speech that could be interpreted as hateful and offensively depicted violent content.

YouTube to demonetize & de-emphasize questionable videos

YouTube will sanction videos by demonetizing them, making them harder to find, and removing important key features. Such videos, once flagged by users and examined by YouTube’s staff, will see their comments section disabled, won’t appear in recommended videos, and won’t have recommended videos or other features such as ‘likes’ and ‘dislike’ available.

Google is is also hiring more experts from leading organizations (No Hate Speech Movement, Anti-Defamation League, Institute for Strategic Dialogue), showing curated playlists to people searching for sensitive keywords.

Youtube official blog

Read ”An update on our commitment to fight terror content online on the official YouTube blog.


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