List of data breaches and cyber attacks in June 2017

As we hit the midpoint of 2017, Petya ransomware is infecting systems all across the globe – leaving hundreds of businesses unable to operate.

However, let’s not let this outbreak distract us from other cyber attacks and breaches that have also taken place this month:

  • There have been two more breaches at cosmetic surgery clinics, adding to the one last month – I’m hoping that this isn’t the beginning of a new trend.
  • A university department leaked the names of students and any extenuating circumstances they might have for deadline extensions, which included reasons such as mental health or being victims of sexual assault.

I have the number of records leaked this month at 199,464,841 – but it’s worth pointing out that 198 million of those are from the discovery that a GOP contractor didn’t understand how databases work.

See the list of data breaches and cyber attacks in June 2017

Source: IT Governance

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