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Resilient imagination beats brains


Now I’m not the world’s most intelligent man; I grew up thinking that Ellesmere Port was one pound a bottle! But I do believe my imagination is up there with the best of them.

Mr Einstein was, I believe, a very intelligent man. So who am I or others to quash his sayings, especially when the resilience profession likes to constantly utilise such to promote the need for greater preparedness.

In the business resilience profession today, we have an amazing amount of talented, academic and skilled professionals applying their knowledge and wisdom on what is best for businesses, organizations and the like.

In addition, we have equally amazing new professionals studying and working hard to forge a career in an exciting profession.

It is a brilliant, exciting time for
the resilience world

We have enormous establishments and government officials with a wealth of letters and titles which proceed their names. They have worked exceptionally hard to achieve great recognition and reward for their status and we admire them immensely.

They hold positions of great authority and power; especially over what can and can’t be in respect of resilience today.

They base the direction on research, theory and practice. Furthermore, it would be fair to say that having been in positions of authority, some of the direction in organizations are down to the individuals perceptions and wants. What strategy they want to follow and apply for others to adhere to. It happens.

Sometimes it is down to the style and
whim of their leadership.


But where is the imagination of what could be?

Well, I can only admire Albert’s words (I’m sure he would not mind me calling him that after all of these years).

It’s easy, far to easy in fact, (in my opinion) for fellow professionals to write about the obvious headline topics. Give their ‘expert’ opinions. It’s great and useful of course, don’t get me wrong but I’ll be honest, I never read them! In my opinion, it’s a bit ‘band wagon jumping’ for my liking and doesn’t push any boundaries of imagination at all. It doesn’t convert those that need introducing to resilience. It’s a bit stating the obvious. It lacks some imagination.

But expert opinion is just that. It’s just someone else’s opinion. Mine included. But talking about the obvious does not float my imagination of what we can really achieve in the remainder of 2017!

Where is the real ground breaking resilience in 2017? Not the usual awards that get banded about annually. I mean the real imaginative and creative ‘we can truly make this happen’ because ‘we want it to be’ sort of stuff. There are some examples out there but nowhere near enough if truth be told. And we have to be honest to move forward. To use our imagination. To be better. To create better.

You can’t wait for it to happen. You have to ‘be it’.

We are very good at using the old ‘what
if scenario’, so let us use more of the
‘what could be’ on our own direction

Business resilience is a serious matter 100%. It not only involves finances and time but it is connected to livelihoods; where personal and business resilience join hands.

So, where it is easy to apply academic science to building resilience (the alogorithms, flowcharts and equations), we need to take on a bit more of the hard part and use our imagination more of what the endless possibilities are in the future of resilience.

Unless, my old mate Al was wrong…?

Ps: Some may wish to add that bullshit baffles brains. But then again…they would wouldn’t they.

Paul Kudray

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – An international business resilience leader, Paul Kudray is a Fellow of the EPC and a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (FICPEM). He is a Lead Auditor for ISO 22301. In 2014 he founded his own consultancy and he is an excellent forward thinking resilience innovator and blogger.

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