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Hot Resilience: Which discipline floats your boat?

I was in the gym the other day, over in the UAE and I had my music on shuffle when a song came on. It stopped me counting reps and made me think about resilience. I know…I need to get a life!

In the resilience world, we have a division of those that side with business continuity management (BCM) and those that are emergency management (EM). The latter includes crisis and disaster management although ‘disaster’ cuts across both the BCM and EM spectrums.

But which discipline is the sexiest? What do you prefer? How are you programmed to find either attractive or not? Well, it depends on several factors of course.

I like to move it

Some people naturally don’t find either BCM or EM a subject they would associate with the word ‘hot’. Hot topics maybe, given the world and environment we live in; but in the main those not involved in ‘resilience’ don’t actually recognise it, as he/she walks down the street or leaves an elevator. Some may be too blind to see or others just don’t pay attention to resilience, in any shape or form.

As for me, well I ‘grew up’ in an emergency management field (emergency services); but part of my career, (a huge part) got ‘involved’ with BCM and it changed my life again. So, I remain faithful to both disciplines and I love both with equal affection. I work in both disciplines. I love both.

I am in love with resilience.

Sexy and I know it

To most resilience professionals across the world, I remain a bit of a freak. A ‘non-conformer’ to the traditional tie and stripy suit brigade. I can talk resilience and help build resilience in my jeans and t-shirt if I want and need. I have no barriers to love.

I try to be different because, I am different. I don’t only see resilience as being for the corporate entities; but I see that it should and can be available for all organizations in more simpler ways. I am ‘The Resilient Maverick‘. I am what I am.

But I don’t consider myself to be sexy! I just work in a profession and subject that I find ‘sexy’ and attractive. I am not trivialising resilience and disasters; people’s suffering. I am saying that I have a passion for this subject. There is nothing wrong with that!

Blow me one last kiss

We have come so amazingly far in the world with our understanding of resilience and we need to continue to help make it available to more in the future. Professionals who work in EM don’t always like the BC world and vice versa. It’s a love hate relationship. One is more reactive and high profile whilst the other is where there is money to be made (or saved), depending on which side of the window you look.

Both disciplines are ‘hot topics’ yes! Both have their beautiful curves and looks. Their perfect imperfections. Their character and their style and swagger. Their personality. Their fragrance and their appeal.

And beauty is in the eye of the beholder as we know. So, it doesn’t matter which one you believe is more sexier than the other. As long as either discipline works with each other, side by side; together, and not just in electric dreams but in real life, then the world and the future will be a better place.

Healthy respect and appreciation of the capabilities and qualities of either discipline has grown enormously over the years. But I’m confident, that amongst the professionals who work in either discipline, both sides will think theirs is the sexiest one! It’s how they rock and roll.

Lighten your load a little every once in a while. Don’t be a sucker and take yourself too seriously all of the time. If you say you have a sense of humour, show it because it will help you communicate with others more about resilience.

But until then…..

Do you share Paul undying love with resilience? Do you agree with this post? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Contributor photo Paul

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – An international business resilience leader, Paul Kudray is a Fellow of the EPC and a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (FICPEM). He is a Lead Auditor for ISO 22301. In 2014 he founded his own consultancy and he is an excellent forward thinking resilience innovator and blogger.

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  1. As usual. Pretty dam good Paul. The Roberta Flack number “Killing me softly” springs to mind.
    Having spent most of my adult life “chasing ambulances”, I am most certainly in the “Emergency Management” camp. That said, I do take on board your insight & inspiration and will say hi to the BCM guys a bit more often in the future. But I don’t believe you are truly “on-the-fence”. Think back to your ambulance service days and the feeling you surely had after you had saved a life or even did your best and failed. Nothing compares.
    Have a great trip. Paul…

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