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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017: it’s here!

2 out of 3 organizations have experienced at least one cyber security incident during the last year.

Cyber attacks and data breaches have proven to be two of the greatest concerns for business continuity professionals for several years running. The latest research from the Business Continuity Institute has shown that:

  • 88% of BC professionals have expressed concern about the prospect of these threats materialising
  • In the last year, 66% of organizations have reported at least 1 cyber security incident
  • 15% of organizations have experienced at least 10 cyber security incidents in the previous year.

Looking at the trends that have evolved out of this research, it is no surprise that cyber security was selected as the theme for 2017’s Business Continuity Awareness Week. As the world becomes more digitally-led we must address the new threats the virtual world presents.

Some may even ask if Business Continuity and Information Security are converging!

How to get involved in BCAW 2017

Just as we need to protect our organizations from disruptions that occur in the physical world, so it is important that we also have plans in place to deal with disruptions in the virtual world.

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Ways to get involved in BCAW 2017:

  • Download the free poster series below and display them around the office and on social media to raise awareness.
  • Follow #BCAW2017 to join in the conversation on Twitter and @resiliencepost for leading thought pieces and interesting videos throughout the week.
  • Browse and share the collection of Information Security and Business Continuity publications we have assembled for you!
  • Discover how can an ISO 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager certification can make your life a lot easier!

So what will you do to raise awareness of business continuity and the importance of cyber security? Please, share your original ideas in the comment section below!

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