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Business recovery should be simple enough to teach an 8-year-old

The future entrepreneurs and leaders are communicating and engaging with the world, using the technology of today. Children are smart and can learn new things very quickly.

Today’s technology is so amazing that we have instant access to information to entertain and educate ourselves; it’s in the palm of our hands.

We depend on businesses and industries to help us live. We also use them to help develop our life and family ambitions. Our livelihoods are intrinsically linked to work and the work life balance is key to all of us.

The (often dark art) subject of business resilience, business recovery, disaster recovery, business continuity management (BCM) and organizational resilience (OR), are full of complexities. Sometimes they need to be because businesses can be complicated.

But these subjects are not the easiest to explain to an adult let alone convince the future generations that resilience is needed to protect our livelihoods. The subjects are somewhat shrouded in negativity rather than positivity. That had to change and it has.

If the future generations can understand and
recognise the value of resilience in life and in
business, then there is a greater opportunity it
will happen and be achieved in the future.

If the next generations can develop resilience and recovery simpler than before, then so can the business leaders of today. 100% optimism.

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ABOUT THE AUTHORAn international business resilience leader, Paul Kudray is a Fellow of the EPC and a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (FICPEM). He is a Lead Auditor for ISO 22301. In 2014 he founded his own consultancy and he is an excellent forward thinking resilience innovator and blogger.

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