Beware! Fake email phishing scam targets LinkedIn users

Fake Email phishing attack are hitting LinkedIn users via Mail and LinkedIn inbox’s and ask them to attach CV.

Since its looks like an original link, which come from official LinkedIn, its leads to many users to be victimized by this email phishing attack. It is decent to believe that beneficiaries of the false message would detect various cautioning signals when they open the correspondence in their email inbox.

Attackers have spammed out email messages posing as communications from LinkedIn, claiming that a company is “urgently seeking workers matching your qualifications in your region”.

The site to which the underlying messages indicated has as of now been brought down, yet you can make certain that the scammers have already set up new ones, and changed the connection in hence sent messages.


According to HELPNETSECURITY, the scammers are attempting to impersonate the well known employment-oriented social networking service. However cautious clients will instantly spot numerous things that indicate the email being fake:

  • the email sender address that has nothing to do with LinkedIn
  • the lack of certain design elements and the “unsubscribe” footer usually contained in LinkedIn emails
  • the email not addressing the recipient by name
  • a sense of urgency that the email is designed to create
  • typos and so on.


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