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When your mojo drops

When your mojo drops, you can still be incredibly resilient.

The last month for me has been a bit of a struggle if I can be honest with you. I needed help.

I love to write and I enjoy it. Professionally, my style of writing sets me apart from my peers in the resilience profession because I write in a fundamentally different way to the rest. I want to be different because I know I am. I am The Resilient Maverick!

Writing in my way helps me be who I am and how I want to be me. It’s my fix. My oxygen.

“It must have been love, but it’s over now…”

When you lose a bit of passion, that hunger and fire in your belly to burst out of bed in the morning and go and do what you want or need to do, it can get tough. It feels tough; complicated and a bit anxious.

The world around continues to move at the relentless pace it does and yet you feel a bit lost without your own spark to go and be creative as you know you can be. As creative as you want to be and you know you are.

We are humans and we run on our emotions; sometimes those emotions aren’t always logical to others. In business and in life, our resilience is based on our own wants, desires and beliefs. We feel stronger when we are ‘firing on all four cylinders’ (or six cylinders if you’re that way inclined).


But when our performance passion drops, for whatever reason, we feel vulnerable in some way. We look to re-ignite that passion inside. We look at what others do, to see if we can be inspired by peers and alike. Sometimes we find it there and others we don’t. We feel bored by the ‘competition’ yet we struggle to get up and get on down!

We may look at what others do and think ‘so what’? Still it fails to get our juices flowing again. We work to try and force our passion to come back. And sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. We move on.

Love, life and business have their similarities – it’s a love hate relationship at times

There are lots of reasons why your mojo can be affected. It could be people, personal, practices, changes or the universe that influences our emotions and ability to remain on full throttle.

Of course, we don’t always need to operate with the pedal fully pushed to the floor but we feel comfortable and resilient being in control of the speed of our journey and the destination we want to get to. When those elements get interrupted in one way or another, we struggle. We feel like we are falling out of love with it but deep inside we know that’s not true. We just want to be back to our creative best.

Don’t force it, let go for a while

If you are good enough, you will find a way. Don’t force yourself to do things for the sake of doing them to show some consistency when your efforts are well below your normal expectations. Don’t just post and publish the obvious because you think it’s the ‘done thing to do’. Don’t be vanilla when you know you are strawberry! I stopped posting on Instagram for the same reason. Be true to yourself first.

Be patient but find new ways to focus on what is important to you right now; the here and now. Your talents and ability will come back to you and you will be ready for them when they do. You are more incredibly resilient than you give yourself credit for.

As for me, this is the first article I have written for a month because it’s the first time I felt like doing one. It’s a story of my own personal resilience. I got some great advice and help from people I trust and like and my mojo is coming back. I can feel it.

I am happier for the experience I am in and I know I will be better for it in the future.

I am resilient because it’s what I want to be.

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ABOUT THE AUTHORAn international business resilience leader, Paul Kudray is a Fellow of the EPC and a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (FICPEM). He is a Lead Auditor for ISO 22301. In 2014 he founded his own consultancy and he is an excellent forward thinking resilience innovator and blogger.

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