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Threat Horizon 2019: Disruption, Distortion, Deterioration

Technology will underpin all aspects of modern society by 2019, profoundly impacting the way people live and work. Business leaders face a stark dilemma: should they rush to adopt new technology and risk major fallout if things go wrong; or wait and potentially lose ground to competitors?

Organisations that are well-informed about emerging technologies and corresponding threats will be best placed to make winning decisions.

th19-download-page-es-front-cover-794x1123Threat Horizon reports, produced annually by the ISF, are intended for business leaders who want to understand cyber risks and their potential impacts, in order to make critical decisions about the future success of their organisation. Threat Horizon 2019 presents nine major threats organisations can expect to face over the next two to three years and groups them under three key themes:

Disruption: from an over reliance on fragile connectivity requiring a seismic shift in the way business continuity is planned, practiced and implemented.

Distortion: as trust in the integrity of information is lost, the monitoring of access and changes to sensitive information will become critical as will the development of complex incident management procedures.

Deterioration: when controls are eroded by regulations and technology bringing a heightened focus on risk assessment and management in the light of regulatory changes and the increased prevalence of artificial intelligence in everyday technology.

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