Questions for businesses to consider before using drones

The commercial use of drone technology is becoming increasingly mainstream in a number of enterprises. As such, the regulatory environment surrounding drone usage has evolved rapidly to keep pace with the technologies being used.

If you are considering adopting drone technology, many factors must be considered.

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This free white paper from ISACA – Rise of the Drones: Is Your Enterprise Prepared? – outlines some of the potential uses of drone technology in a commercial environment, including business implications and risk considerations. It addresses critical questions that you and your enterprise must consider prior to implementing a drone program, including:

  • What factors must management consider prior to signing off on the acquisition and implementation of a corporate drone program?
  • What questions must be asked to enable management to assess the far-ranging risks associated with the use of drones as a strategic business tool?
  • What policies and procedures must be in place before the organization deploys its first corporate drone?
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To help with this process, a free checklist is also available РImplementing a Commercial Drone Program for Your Enterprise. Use this companion piece to guide your efforts in launching a drone program that fits your needs and complies with current laws, regulations and best practices.

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Source: ISACA


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