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Better business together – the next step in collaborative working

Together we can do more, so the saying goes. Collaboration with other organizations or people can be a powerful tool to achieve great things in business. A new standard has just been published to help businesses do just that.

The benefits of collaboration, in business like in any context, are well known, resulting in more innovative ideas, reduced costs through efficiencies and sharing of resources and access to new services. That is, if things are done well. Partnerships and joint projects are only effective if the relationship works.

ISO 44001, Collaborative business relationship management systems  Requirements and framework, aims to assist companies in establishing and improving collaborative relationships, both within and between organizations.

The new standard provides the overall components of a management system for business relationships as well as operational process requirements. It follows the same overall structure as other ISO management system standards (known as the High-Level Structure), making it easier for anyone using multiple management systems, and features an eight-stage life cycle to ensure sustainable relations, including operational awareness, value creation, knowledge, internal assessment, partner selection, working together, staying together and exit strategies.



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