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BCM The Movie – Licensed to BIA


If they made a movie of BCM, I wonder what the plot would be? Who would be the heroes and villains? And what type of movie would it actually be?

Would it be an all-action packed thriller? A sci-fi or a romcom perhaps? I know all BC and resilience professionals have a great sense of humour and show some passion! It could be an adventure movie or a historical period drama? Or what about an animated movie for all the family? A horror or maybe, a gangster film? I guess people would expect it to be disaster movie…

Hopefully in terms of the plot and not the box office takings!

Scene 1: Act 1

The name’s M…B.C.M (all said in your best Sean Connery accent). Ok, before all of the film spotters and Bond enthusiasts correct me, the 1999 James Bond movie ‘The world is not enough’ actually had Pierce Brosnan as the lead role; but I can’t do a Brosnan accent and I suspect, neither can you!

BCM (Business Continuity Management) is taking over the world! And why not: it has incredible powers and strength when it is applied correctly.

The world is awash with a growing army of BC professionals. A long, long time ago, people who wouldn’t even touch BCM with the proverbial barge pole, have now seen the goldeneye of opportunity (see what I did there?) and we have consultants in their hundred’s of thousands; they are in their smart Aston’s and they are everywhere.. in their evening wear.

BC professionals are a force to be reckoned with. Licensed to B.I.A.

The BC professionals, armed with their tools of the trade, membership subscriptions and qualifications, move in ‘mysterious circles’ along the dark passages of the many millions of businesses and organizations across the world. Their range of movement is inspiring as they go from the poorly lit shop floor right up to the expensively furnished C-Suite, hustling their BC stuff along the way.

To many of their non-BC colleagues, they bring dread and fear! Their reflections can’t be seen in the mirror (or so the legend says). Garlic breath wont keep them away either!

It’s no longer ‘look out here comes Spider-Man’ but more ‘oh shit, I’ve got a BCM meeting in my diary…help me please!

Armed with the ‘BC Folder of Mass Destruction’, the BC professional will take away that upbeat feeling of joy and happiness you had before you know it! ‘I’m going to B.I.A’t the crap out of you!

“For a sky high fee, they’ll provide you with drinks and theatrical winks*

Scene 2: Act 2

Far, far away, in a land that time forgot (forgive my artistic license), the powers that be who control global BC are plotting total domination of the world. Their aim and mission, to tell businesses and organizations this is how it is; take it or leave it. Suck it up suckers!

The smell of fine dining, cologne and suits, mingle with the air of authority and expectation. ‘Let us press on with our campaign; the universities are at full capacity with junior BC operatives in the making. Continue with the ancient proverbs production line for the media platforms, to try to force business leaders to want BCM more and make sure the factory that is producing the complex algorithms and flowcharts are at full speed. Shock tactics at the ready’.

“Things are looking good.. Maximillian, pass me one of those biscotti’s to have with my latte would you, old boy”

Scene 3: Act 3

In another land, a group of forward thinking professionals are working hard to try and make business resilience more for today. They use their amazing powers of intuition to drive their desire to make BC more accessible, available and achievable, for all businesses; not just those that can afford it.

They want to ensure the process is more simplified and people based. This renaissance resilience group are building up their momentum of followers, to take on the mighty force of the establishment. They believe with a passion, that there is the amazing opportunity to improve BC and its image. But who is listening? And who will join next?

They aren’t renegades or the resistance fighters; they have the passion and will to make a difference. #makeithappen

Its going to be a battle, but the ties are off!

Scene 4: Act 4

As the days and weeks of 2017 pass quickly, work continues around the world to ensure BCM has its rightful place in each organization. Exceptional BC professionals work tirelessly to scale the mountains and obstacles set before them; they continue to apply and refresh their organization’s BIA’s and plans with their fellow workers, knowing full well that their colleagues would rather have an appointment with the dentist than go through the what if scenario again!

But the BC professional is a resilient one; a charming individual with a persuasive nature. They can charm the ‘BIA pants off’ anyone.

Not so much a ‘martini, shaken not stirred’ but more ‘would you like a biscuit with that brew’?

Scene 5: Act 5 (The chase before the fight)

“Did you hear that?” asks Sebastian. “Hear what?” Penelope replied, folding down her ironed copy of The Continuity Chronicle.

“Someone is in the building” says Sebastian, the handsome looking, ex forces chap who is now head of the establishment. “Alert security” he commands with his devilishly rogue, velvet like tongue, simultaneously straightening his striped tie down the front of his chequered shirt. Looking good he silently thinks to himself as he plays with the club cufflinks on his sleeve.

“It will be those so called renaissance lot” he adds in a controlled, calm like manner. “How dare they attack our very fabric of our being, with their audacity to try to say things need to be improved for the benefit of all businesses, regardless of their size and turnover. Just what is the world coming to?” Damn cheek if you ask me” he adds with a slightly raised voice, causing some muffled responses from within the club room.

“Not even the government bodies think there is anything wrong with BCM; they would have mentioned it at one of the special balls we pay for if they had any concerns. I mean, just look at the take up and buy-in of BCM in 2017 by all businesses: it’s at an all time.. same!

There isn’t anything wrong?…is there..Penelope?”

To be continued……

* Is a lyric from the Divine Comedy song National Express

paul-kudrayAuthor: Paul Kudray, MSc FICPEM MEPS MAICP CBCI.

An international business resilience leader, Paul Kudray is a Fellow of the EPC and a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (FICPEM). He is a Lead Auditor for ISO 22301. In 2014 he founded his own consultancy and he is an excellent forward thinking resilience innovator and blogger. LinkedIn

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