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Germany bans internet-connected dolls over fears hackers could target children

Germany has banned a popular talking doll that can connect to the internet over fears its technology could be exploited by hackers to target children.

The German telecommunications watchdog advised parents who have already bought the popular Cayla dolls to destroy them, but stopped short of ordering them to do so.

The Cayla doll, which was released in 2014, can interact with children and answer their questions. It connects to the internet and uses a combination of voice recognition software and Google searches to provide answers.

But the Bundesnetzagentur, Germany’s telecommunications watchdog, has ruled that the technology the dolls use to connect to the Internet is unsafe. Cayla uses an unsecured Bluetooth device hidden inside the doll to connect to the internet via an app on a nearby mobile phone.

The Bundesnetzagentur says that technology could be exploited by criminals to target children.

Source: The Telegraph


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