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Report: Most cyber-attacks come from same place, and use basic tactics

F-Secure’s new cyber security report paints a stark picture of the threats posed by insecure networks and devices, the internet of things, cyber-crime and others.

F-Secure has released a new report which explores the trends and threats defining the current state of cyber-security across the globe. According to the report, a majority of active reconnaissance traffic in 2016 came from IP addresses in just 10 countries, with Russia, the Netherlands, the United States, China, and Germany being hotspots for these activities.

Furthermore, most cyber-attacks are performed with basic, scriptable techniques against poorly maintained infrastructure.

F-Secure’s State of Cyber Security 2017 report pays particular attention to security issues facing companies as the threat landscape transitions away from conventional malware to more dynamic threats.

Source: SCMagazine


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