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Neighbourly help, key to surviving an earthquake, city planner says

City of Vancouver holding a series of earthquake preparedness workshops

While Vancouver residents’ reaction to this year’s unusual winter weather may have the rest of Canada rolling its eyes, being prepared for a disaster is no laughing matter for a City of Vancouver’s earthquake-response coordinator.

Jackie Kloosterboer, emergency planner with the city, says people have to be better prepared when an earthquake strikes. “We saw people fighting over bags of salt [this winter],” she said. “When a big earthquake happens, people are going to be fighting over food. They’re going to be fighting over water and other supplies we don’t have coming in.”

The city is holding a series of earthquake-preparedness workshops over the next few weeks that will address issues like how to make an emergency response plan, how to help seniors, how to help your family pet, and how to protect your home and property during an earthquake.


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