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Key Business Continuity lessons from 2016 South Australia disaster

An independent report into the September 2016 weather event in South Australia, which resulted in a wide-area power outage, has been published.

Led by former Police Commissioner Gary Burns the report examines the adequacy of the State’s disaster preparedness and response to the event and contains 62 recommendations.

The report identifies that the ”management of the state-wide, complex event was in general, well-managed, with coordinated, effective response and recovery operations put in place”.

Key recommendations within the report include:

  • The development of a CBD evacuation plan, including the installation of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) traffic lights on CBD arterial roads;
  • The creation of an education campaign encouraging SA businesses to develop continuity plans;
  • The review of existing business continuity plans held by emergency service and health agencies along with utility / service providers. Back-up power and generator testing protocols should be reviewed;
  • The appointment of a permanent State Recovery Coordinator;
  • That the Office for Digital Government work with telecommunications companies nationally on back up and priority network connectivity;
  • The review of protocols for response to and management of dams which are in danger of losing structural integrity.

Read the review report (PDF)

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