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Humanity Road is looking for volunteers

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Humanity Road Volunteer Opportunities

Humanity Road delivers disaster preparedness and response information to the global mobile public before, during, and after a disaster. Providing aid information helps individuals survive, sustain, and reunite with each other and with their pets. Humanity Road strives to close the disaster communications gap through process improvement, collaboration, partnerships, education and training.

Volunteers monitor emerging events; slow moving natural disasters and natural calamities, such as floods or typhoons and fast moving events such as an earthquakes or tornadoes. The team of global volunteers employ social media to monitor the online chatter associated with disaster events.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

This year has been an incredibly busy time for disasters and many of you have spread your wings to the challenge! There are many volunteer opportunities and some exciting project work coming up.

Please read through the volunteer opportunities and join to assist. Thanks in advance for the gift of your time and in volunteering your skills for disaster response.

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